I believe day dreaming is a vital step forwards living confidently and happy. There are so many reasons to be energized in this life. We are currently missing out on so much of us!

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” – Buddha

When I was a kid it was so easy to day dream. My dog and I would lay on a blanket in the garden looking up at the clouds imagining what the clouds looked like. “Oooooh there’s a dragon, look look” I’d say to my dog, he’d look back at me as if to say “yes indeed” but he actually had no idea what I was saying, hahhahhahaha.

Sometimes my siblings and I would sit in the garden and close our eyes. We’d listen to all the sounds around us and count how many different ones we could hear. A different idea but it was a lot of fun, we’d always end up giggling.

We’d also used to walk around the house with a mirror in our hands, facing towards the ceiling. We’d look down into the mirror while walking through the house, finding magic hidden passageways and doors. Coming up with stories to tell our friends. A very well spent afternoon.

And oh boy when we got bored our mother would say “go play in the garden” and so we did! My sister had this great imagination, she would build outside houses with blankets and pillows from our rooms. We’d play for hours thinking up games and situations within our outside home.

Where did your imagination go?

It was very easy when we were young and full of imagination. As we get older, we start to live in a world of responsibility and expectations. Reality sets in and that amazing imagination tends to disappear. Or so we think…our imagination is right there waiting for us to use it. Knock on the door and it’ll open up with a huge smile on it’s face.

What happens to us is this, we grow up and we allow the stress and circumstantial life expectations to take over our thoughts and ideas. We stop growing and we continue to live each day on basic routines and autopilot behaviour. This is one way of living but in my opinion, there is so much more to life than just living day to day bored out of your minds.


Here’s 5 reasons to day dream:


We need goals to aspire to! If you have nothing to look forward to or to grow towards, then what’s the point. You will never grow if you settle for what you have, even if your dream is very big and you don’t think you’ll ever get there – it’s doesn’t matter! Dream it anyway because it’ll push you grow out of your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised at what you can actually achieve.

Be Alive!

It brightens up our lives! To see the beauty and laughter in more situations in your daily life decreases your stress and worry levels. The positive thoughts are contagious, they will run through your body like wild fire. You’ll find yourself feeling happier, stronger minded and creating opportunities for yourself to have better days.

Say NO to Negative!

Day dreaming rids the mind of negative thoughts! When you’re feeling down in the dumps or just not yourself. Get a blanket and go lay on it outside, take a few breaths and start imagining your ideal life. Will you have family and friends around you? Where will you work, will you have a view from your office/shop? What type of home will you have? Will you have pets? Where will you travel to? Start thinking about what makes you happy and fulfilled. Imagine your life with those things in it. I guarantee after you complete this exercise, you’ll feel amazing – pumped for life!

Seek Clarity!

When you’re struggling with an idea or problem in your life – go day dream. Look out the window at the clouds or up at the stars at night. Allow your mind to flow through your ideas and solutions, almost like a preview! This can reveal clarity and lead you to great decisions.

What’s your Vision?

You’ll know where you are going! You know that feeling of “I have no idea what I’m doing with my life” or “why am I here?”. If you day dream and you let the inner you come out and live your life, change will happen. Stop hiding behind the circumstance, the situation and the material object in your life. Just start living and living confidently.

Are you a day dreamer?