The Stress Bug

By Roxanne Bouwer

“Where there is no struggle there is no strength” – Oprah

Let’s be real, stress is out to get us every day, We try and hide but it always finds us!

Have you ever felt Stuck? Having a Tedious day? Experiencing Real dilemma’s? Exasperated by the time you get home? Debilitating life Situations getting you down? Experiencing Significant levels of worry and anxiety?

If you answered yes to any of these questions this means you’ve caught the STRESS bug. Great News, you’ve come to the right place, we’ll give you practical solutions and fun methods to start living a stress and worry free lifestyle.

Life is a juggling game from starting your morning routine, going to work, doing your groceries, seeing friends and family to attending your children’s birthday parties! Every month your salary goes out as quickly as it comes in. Saving and planning your next escape from reality serves to be tricky at the best times. Social and worldly expectations drain your zest for life causing unhappiness and unfulfillment each year! At this point you likely to be feeling as though you’d just like to throw in the towel and submit into the rat race. Sounds about right? 

Start with identifying where your stress is coming from. There are 3 areas of focus; relationships, routine and career. Focus on finding the root of the issue. Try these simple and easy tips to re-focus yourself on what’s important! Let your new lifestyle begin.

  1. Let go, relax and enjoy
  2. In stressful situations ask yourself “how much does this really matter”?
  3. Write down the items that do matter and shake the rest off.
  4. Spring clean your mind
  5. Clear your mind and get rid of the unnecessary baggage. Your tolerance levels are so high they non-existent. Start a journal and write down your daily frustrations and feelings giving yourself some breathing space.
  6. Organize your week and change your routines. Take 30 minutes per week and plan your schedule, Add: Three “my time” activities | Daily to do’s | New routes to drive where ever you are going | A cleaning schedule – you don’t have to do everything at once.
  7. Communication – being frank
  8. Be honest with yourself and decide on exactly what is factually bothering you. Be specific, you can offer examples for emphasis. Refrain from shouting and screaming, people respond better to direct specific non-emotional communication.
  9. Goal and priority setting
  10. Find a quiet place to set your goals and priorities for the day. List the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving these goals. Include a personal affirmation for encouragement.

Channel your stress! There are two types of stress, positive and negative. Negative stress can turn your world upside-down, positive stress is vital for any successful achievement. Channel your negative stress using it to motivate you, create perseverance and basically kicking you’re A into G!