Enhancing Adult Life

Aimed at adults who are looking for guidance and support to improve the way the feel about themselves and their lives. You’re looking to gain clarity on your purpose, grow your self-confidence and improve the relationships in your life. You seem to be constantly faced with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, frustrations or anger, romantic relationships not working out, or perhaps your career just isn’t where you had imagined.


Parent Support

Aimed at parents who are looking for guidance and support to improve their relationships with the teenagers. A parent’s life is living a juggling act. You need to be a mind reader, an expert on patience and the voice of reason amongst the whirlwind of hormones. All whist maintaining your own life, positive relationships and a successful career. Stress, anxiety and fake smiles are your new best friends!


Teen Guidance

Aimed at tweens and teenagers who are looking for a happier and more confident way of life. Do you want to help your children have a better and happier life? Do they struggle with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, negative body image or toxic relationships? These problems cause disruption in their home and school lives, causing increased stress levels, a dip in their happiness and general progression in life.


Family Growth

Aimed at families who are looking to find a happy balance between relationships and responsibilities.  Family life can be complicated, especially when there are so many different aspects to consider. From stepchildren and parents, the in-laws and the extended family, you can find yourself desperate for a ‘normal’ life. When chaos, bad tempers and too many opinions rule your everyday routines.

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