The majority of women rush through life, we teach our daughters to rush through life as well without even knowing we doing so. Children watch their mothers from the moment they’re born. They watch how you clean the house and how often, they watch the way you put on make-up and do your hair, they watch how you do the grocery shopping and cook dinner. You’ve got a rather large role as a mother.

Everything you do becomes a lesson for your children. The key here to decide what lessons you want to teach your children. For example, if your child sees you as the mother doing most of the cleaning, household planning and preparing the family meals, you are teaching them that this is the norm for any successful relationship. So be careful to adjust your actions to suit the lesson you want to be teaching.

Here are some helpful tips you can incorporate into your daily routines while teaching valuable life lessons to your children as well as getting all your ‘to do’ items ticked of your list.

Here are some helpful tips you can incorporate into your daily routines while teaching valuable life lessons to your children as well as getting all your ‘to do’ items ticked of your list.

Family House Rules

Discuss with your spouse or partner some of the house rules you’d like to establish in your home beforehand. Then invite your family to a fun family meeting. Have ready a poster size piece of paper, some colourful pens, some fun motivational stickers and a ruler. Present your already discussed expectations with your family, ask them what rules they could add to yours. Also be sure to discuss some consequences should the family rules be broken. Once all the family house rules have been agreed to, write them down on your poster. Allow your children to write some of the rules down too, add some stickers – make it a fun experience. Once all the rules have been added, draw a line with your ruler for each member of the family to sign. Put up your poster in the kitchen or hallway for everyone to view and to keep them accountable. When the rules are broken revert back to what was signed for and agreed to, take action setting your already discussed consequence.

Daily routine chore list

Set some time aside to sit down and write down all the cleaning and organising items that need to be done in your home. Once you’ve completed your list, make columns for each of your children, yourself and your spouse. Take your list and fill each column with items each person is capable of doing. For example, from the age of 7 years old children are able to make their own beds, collect dirty dishes from around the house, mop or sweep the floors. Make sure that you use age appropriate responsibilities when adding to each child. After you have finished your new daily routine chore list discuss it with your family and put it up with your family rules (above) so that everyone can view what needs to do done. It’s also helpful for the children to see that mom and dad also have ‘chores’ to complete.

Weekly schedules

Setting up a structured planned schedule every week really helps you to time manage and be more realistic about what you can accomplish in a weeks’ time. Too often we expect yourselves to be super women and accomplish way too much. You need to remember that you are only one person and can only do some much in one day. By managing your time and your can start identifying the items that can be delegated to other members of your family as well as having some time for yourself at the end of the day. Juggling life is never easy but having a structured schedule does the trick. Download your free weekly, daily and yearly schedules here

Grocery shopping and meal planning

Who thought planning your grocery shopping and meals would actually help you save time and energy, right? It’s such an easy way of getting yourself organised and staying within your monthly budget. This is how is works, choose a day of the week (for example: a Sunday afternoon) to sit down and plan your meals for each day of the week, then write out your shopping list of all the items that you need for that week. Be sure to think about the other items you need such as cleaning products or toiletries. Then on the follow day (Monday) you would go to the grocery store and grab all the items you need. Stick to your budget, look at different price brackets vs quality products. Here’s a short video on how to put this into practice: Save money with 6 easy steps.

How to definite your goals

To define your goals, you need to analyse your current situation and then identify where you’d actually like to be. Jot down a quick list of things you’d like to change or improve on. Keep it simply to start with, as you grow you can grow your goals list as well. Once you’ve written your list, circle the top 5 things, these are your new set of goals. Next to each goals list 1 or 2 action points that you can action today. Actions that will push you closer to achieving your goal. Once all 5 goals have been achieved you can move onto the next 5. The trick is to prioritise your goals so that you give yourself a realistic time frame to achieving them. Keep your goals list in a view-able place in your home.

Self-care routines

As females we are taught to look after everyone first and if there is any spare time left you can maybe do something for yourself. I disagree with this so strongly, why? Because if we do not look after ourselves first then we will eventually burn out and then we can’t help anyone. Many people view self-care as being selfish, but in fact it should the top and most important priority of all women’s daily routines. And now your thinking…’I hear you, but I just don’t have the time!’ You need to make the time, when you set up your weekly schedule the first thing you add are your self-care activities. This can be anything from 20 minutes quiet time in the morning before the kids wake up to keeping an hour for yourself on a Saturday afternoon to read your book. You inform your family that this time is for you. Read more about why self-improvement is so important.

The secret is to take small incremental steps everyday…

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