It’s so easy to get into a routine of go go go, and not consciously think about what’s going on inside your mind. But if you stop to listen, you’ll find there is so much going on in your head. The brain never shuts down even when we’re sleeping, it’s working 24 hours a day every day. It’s telling us the story of our lives, our beliefs, self-criticism, doubts, all the things it wants us to do but we haven’t yet done them.

If you ask yourself this question “Are you happy?” you’ll most likely say “yeah, I’m okay”. But you’re not actually hearing the question! Clear you mind of all thoughts, guilt, must do’s, everything must be quiet. And then ask yourself the question again “ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY?” Listen to what your answer is, take your time and hear your heart answering back. What does is say?

Some may find that in general they are happy but need a little extra happiness, others may be absolutely blissful, and some will be unhappy and just rolling with the punches of life.

Here’s some tips on how you can easily swap the negative with the positive, tips that you can start using today and reaping the benefits.

Internal Dialog

Every person on the face of this planet has an internal dialog, this is the story you tell yourself every day. These are the words that we say to ourselves all day long and these are the words that stop us from making positive changes in our lives.

Do you know what you tell yourself every day?

Do yourself a favor and find out, take some time to listen to what you’re telling yourself on a daily basis. Write down some of the words that come out, is it positive or negative?

Which words can you correct? Every time you hear those negative words, stop yourself and replace them with the positive ones.

For example:

Negative – I’m not going to run today I’m so unfit and feel so low.

Positive – I’m so proud of myself for setting a fitness goal and that I’m going running.

Immediately you’ll feel boosted and will go for your run because you want to feel proud of yourself.


Do you have your own self-affirmations and validations?

We all have flaws, but we also all have amazing things inside of us. What are yours?

Do you build yourself up or break yourself down?

If you have been stuck in the same place for a while and have been seeking more to life, this is the area that has been holding you back. Just think about it, if your child came to you upset, crying over something someone said to them at school. What would you do? Reassure them of the positive, love them and show them all the reasons why they are amazing. Right? So why don’t you do the same with yourself? Treat yourself as a friend, a child, a loved one – because you are!

Being true to you

This is my absolute favorite motto to life; I teach my clients this all the time. Are you being true to you? What’s the point of living a life for someone else, other people’s acceptance and approval?

What value does a life like that hold? In my opinion no value what so ever.

When you live being true to yourself so many things start changing. You start assertively replying to requests from people, by honestly sharing your feelings with them. Your relationships start improving and you’ll find yourself having better friends. You’ll either leave your unhappy job for an exciting new one or start your own business. All areas of your life start shifting into an improved routine, a life worth living!

Which life do you want to design?

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