10 Key Ideas I took away from attending The Mega Speaker workshop with JT Foxx and Reggie Batts.

Opportunities are everywhere, never let your fear decide your future.

Last week myself and good friend Tracey-Lee Rall spent the day with the World’s #1 Wealth Coach, JT Foxx. One of the most inspiring and well-executed coaching and guest speaker workshops aimed at entrepreneur’s. The presenters included Jeff Fallon, Reggie Batts and JT Foxx who all contributed such valuable information and encouraged each of us to take massive action in our journey to success.

Before I continue I want to share my experience with you and encourage you to continuously seek growth in your own lives and careers. Go out there a reap the benefits of your work – but work SMART!

A few days before the workshop I was emailed by the event manager with a do’s and bring with’s for the event. One question she asked was what I wanted to take away from the workshop. My immediate answer was “SO MUCH” but obviously that was not the answer she was looking for…On serious note I wanted to develop my skills as a professional lifestyle coach and to add to my skill set on effective guest speaking. This got me so excited for the upcoming event.

The event opened with the very enthusiastic and positive Jeff Fallon who is one of my personal favourites.  Continued by Reggie Batts Author of “Mindset to Success”, who shared his journey of success with us. JT Foxx then entered the stage and shared the most incredible thoughts, technics and tools in boosting creativity, change of mindset and positive thinking.

When it comes to learning and development I get so excited, because what’s life without learning and progressing. RedThinking started for this very reason, encouraging individuals to be their best, to grow to their full potential and not let anything hold them back from their desired success.

Here are the top 10 things that resonates with our core beliefs.

  • Lean in and participate. Invest in yourself, listen, learn and take action
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You cannot grow in your comfort zone get out there and start making the changes you need to in order to progress.
  • Work on who you want to be instead of focusing on who you aren’t. Make a list of the things you can start doing to create the change you are looking for.
  • Every one of you have something unique to offer. Make a list of your strengths and passions, create a life motto to up hold.
  • Build relationships with positive individuals. Rid your life of toxic negative people who are holding you back from your true self. The more time you spend with happy successful people the happier and more successful you’ll be!
  • Effective communication eliminates confrontation. By correctly expressing your feelings and thoughts you can overcome confrontation and get the results you were looking for.
  • Give without reward. Give 10 times more than the next person, you will find awesome self-confidence as well as making a positive change in someone else’s life.
  • Believe in yourself!!!!!! Empower and elevate yourself, positive self-talk has the most incredible effect on your success.
  • Say yes to opportunities. Once you start saying yes more often amazing opportunities will start popping up all around you.
  • The easiest thing in life you can do is give up on yourself, the hardest thing is to do is knowing that taking a risk on yourself is a sure thing!

I would like to congratulate each of you who are ready to say YES to taking the opportunity in believing in yourself! RedThinking offers our commitment, passion and expertise, empowering your growth and inspiring your future.

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