The importance of Self-improvement

The importance of self-improvement is often neglected, we are either hiding our inadequacies under the carpet, or in denial refusing to face them or are just happy being unaware. The truth is, you can try hide but you cannot run away from yourself. The more you run, the bigger the grave you dig because there will come a time when all those unresolved emotions will surface, leaving you overwhelmed and confused.

What’s the answer then? Start small, unpack each issue separately. Move on to becoming more self-aware, observing your thoughts, emotions and responses. Deciding to make self-improvement an essential part of your daily life.

In the same way we keep moving and breathing, the same applies for self-improvement. Ideally you should focus on continuous self-improvement at every stage of your life and become better versions of yourselves.

Here’s 10 interesting reasons why self-improvement is imperative at all stages of life.

  1. More Clarity: With all the distractions one is faced with, mental clarity is most important to gain. However, when you make self-improvement the primary goal of your life, you begin to start becoming more authentic and removing the clutter from your life. Gaining clarity lets you stay focused and not engage in anything that takes you away from your goal. There’ll be moments of confusion and indecisiveness but with experience, you will grow to become more confident in yourself while gaining clarity about your life.
  2. Sense of Purpose: Deciding to walk the journey of self-improvement and personal development gives your life purpose and meaning. This is so important because it enables you to stay focused on your goals; create a feeling of being alive and keeps you inspired. It promotes mental and physical wellness by keeping you on the right track. With a sense of purpose, you learn to accept all the challenges that come your way because you’ll have your eyes set on what’s really important to you, you’ll be free to recognize your personal purpose.
  3. Motivating Yourself: Imagine climbing up Table Mountain – every obstacle you cross, motivates you to go higher and higher. The same analogy is true when it comes to self-improvement. Every fear and weakness you overcome motivates you to keep moving forward on your path of self-improvement and develop even further. Self-improvement partners with motivation, when you recognise that you’re developing as a person, you are filled with happy achievement and a further drive to push yourself to do more. It is a continuous cycle that requires you to maintain your motivation levels and be committed to continuous growth.
  4. Heal Relationships: When you work on improving yourself, you automatically improve your relationships with other people. For example, if your perfectionist attitude has frequently been a cause of concern in your relationships, by intentionally working on that aspect of your personality, you learn how to tame your expectations and become more realistic. This positive change reflects in your personal and professional relationships and enhances them. The key to facing conflicts and building meaningful relationships starts with looking inward and developing yourself first. When you strive to become a self-sufficient person and have a positive self-image, you are very likely to cultivate healthy relationships.
  5. Improved Decision Making: You are required to make many decisions in your life and every decision has an impact. Additionally, it is not about making decisions as much as it is about being confident about the decision taken. Good decision-making skills come from a place of clarity, self-awareness and confidence which is a direct result of self-improvement. When you know your desired outcome you want to achieve out of a situation you can set your goals accordingly, you are then able to make improved, informed decisions.
  6. Improve Mental Health: One of the most important accepts of self-improvement is the positive impact it has one’s mental health. When you work on yourself, you get to know yourself better which lets you deal with your thoughts and emotions more effectively. You begin to understand why you are experiencing certain emotions and learn how to overcome them with time. Someone who is not self-aware and not focused on improving themselves will have absolutely no control over their reactions which can lead to added stress and anxiety. Being in denial is never the answer. Face the truth and free yourself.
  7. Increase Self-Awareness: Think about how much time you spend getting to know other people and giving them solutions to their issues. What if, you spent that much time exploring yourself, your likes, dislikes, strengths and passions. Don’t you think things would be different? The first step of self-improvement requires you to increase your self-awareness and get to know yourself well. Question yourself and face your fears, figure out who you are and who you want to be. Self-awareness is an ongoing journey – as life advances, you’ll face different experiences and challenges, which make you more aware of your personality, thoughts and feelings. So, in order to be on the path of self-improvement, it is important to never lose touch with yourself.
  8. Enhance Strengths: Self-improvement allows you to identify your personal strengths and explore them. Starting with relationships to careers, by knowing your strengths you can growth in every area of your life. It gives you a deeper understanding of what you are searching for and where you are likely to thrive and shine. It enables you to see the direction to go in, so you can set life goals and make them happen. Remember, you can only achieve what you want when you KNOW what you want. By fostering growth, you are more likely to achieve success and move towards a spiritually fulfilled life.
  9. Overcome Fears and Weaknesses: While identifying strengths are a vital part of self-improvement, the same is true for coming to terms with your fears and weaknesses. Don’t hide from them, look at them as areas of improvement. We all have strengths and weaknesses that shape our personality. It is these imperfections that make us unique. The goal of improving yourself should be to look past those fears and weaknesses and recognise that they are stopping you from achieving your potential. Admit your fears and weaknesses to yourself, identify where they come from and be determined to grow from them. It’s easier said than done but with help from a life coach it’s absolutely achievable. Let your beautiful journey of self-improvement turn your fears and weaknesses into strengths and passions.
  10. Step out of your Comfort Zone: Your comfort zone is your worst enemy. When you sitting comfy it feels good, but you are wasting your own time and you’ll struggle to grow. Making the choice to work on improving yourself requires you to step out of your comfort zone. It lets you face your fears, try new things, take risks and challenge yourself. There will be times when you will discover a new side of your personality but there will also be times when you will fall. Stand up and keep walking forward. The point that you tried should motivate you to keep going and to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s when you feel scared and want to run and hide, that’s when you’re growing the most. I call it GROW MODE, so don’t be scared be brave – you are exactly where we’re meant to be.

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Do you have bad habits? Are they affecting your life?

Recognizing “bad habits”…

Everyone does something that could be considered a bad habit. From poor communication to the way you eat, we all do things that may be viewed as uncommon or unusual. But what happens when your bad habits start to become more than just that? How do you know if what you’re dealing with? Or recognizing signs that negative behaviour is holding you back from life’s possibilities.

Let’s start with the definition of a bad habit, as it has many interpretations and is different for everyone.

Habits are considered a negative behaviour pattern when they consume your ability to complete regularly simple or basic tasks. Habits are believed to be ‘disorders’ when pre-occupation is so intense, that you start ignoring the things you enjoy, and you begin bargaining with your self-care.

Some common examples would include procrastination, overspending, nail-biting, self-neglect, out of control eating, watching too much television or excessive social media viewing.

If you’ve been questioning yourself on a few “bad habits” of yours or someone has commented on your ‘bad habits’, here’s a few examples that may be potentially harming your lifestyle, relationships and your mental health.

  • Comfort eating or isolation
  • Out of control spending
  • Negative self-talk
  • Saying ‘YES’ all the time
  • Signs of low self-value
  • Believing self-limiting beliefs

The importance of self-improvement is often neglected, we are either hiding our inadequacies under the carpet, or in denial refusing to face them or are just happy being unaware. The truth is, you can try hide but you cannot run away from yourself. The more you run, the bigger the grave you dig because there will come a time when all those unresolved emotions will surface, leaving you overwhelmed and confused.

What’s the answer then? Start small, unpack each issue separately. Move on to becoming more self-aware, observing your thoughts, emotions and responses. Deciding to make self-improvement an essential part of your daily life.

In the same way we keep moving and breathing, the same applies for self-improvement. Ideally you should focus on continuous self-improvement at every stage of your life and become better versions of yourselves.

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Why it’s so important to DAY DREAM.

By Roxanne Bouwer

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” – Buddha

When I was a kid it was so easy to day dream. My dog and I would lay on a blanket in the garden looking up at the clouds imagining what the clouds looked like. “Oooooh there’s a dragon, look look” I’d say to my dog, he’d look back at me as if to say “yes indeed” but he actually had no idea what I was saying, hahhahhahaha.

Sometimes my siblings and I would sit in the garden and close our eyes. We’d listen to all the sounds around us and count how many different ones we could hear. A different idea but it was a lot of fun, we’d always end up giggling.

We’d also used to walk around the house with a mirror in our hands, facing towards the ceiling. We’d look down into the mirror while walking through the house, finding magic hidden passageways and doors. Coming up with stories to tell our friends. A very well spent afternoon.

And oh boy when we got bored our mother would say “go play in the garden” and so we did! My sister had this great imagination. She would build outside houses with blankets and pillows from our rooms. We’d play for hours thinking up games and situations within our outside home.

It was very easy when we were young and full of imagination. As we get older, we start to live in a world of responsibility and expectations. Reality sets in and that amazing imagination tends to disappear. Or so we think…our imagination is right there waiting for us to use it. Knock on the door and it’ll open up with a huge smile on it’s face.

What happens to us is this, we grow up and we allow the stress and circumstantial life expectations to take over our thoughts and ideas. We stop growing and we continue to live each day on basic routines and autopilot behaviour. This is one way of living but in my opinion, there is so much more to life than just living day to day bored out of your minds.

I believe day dreaming is a vital step forwards living confidently and happy. There are so many reasons to be energized in this life. We are currently missing out on so much of US!

Here’s 5 reasons why we should all start day dreaming every day:

  1. Goals!

We need goals to aspire to! If you have nothing to look forward to or to grow towards, then what’s the point. You will never grow if you settle for what you have, even if your dream is very big and you don’t think you’ll ever get there – it’s doesn’t matter! Dream it anyway because it’ll push you grow out of your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised at what you can actually achieve.

  1. Be Alive!

It brightens up our lives! To see the beauty and laughter in more situations in your daily life decreases your stress and worry levels. The positive thoughts are contagious, they will run through your body like wild fire. You’ll find yourself feeling happier, stronger minded and creating opportunities for yourself to have better days.

  1. Say NO to Negative!

Day dreaming rids the mind of negative thoughts! When you’re feeling down in the dumps or just not yourself. Get a blanket and go lay on it outside, take a few breaths and start imagining your ideal life. Will you have family and friends around you?  Where will you work, will you have a view from your office/shop? What type of home will you have? Will you have pets? Where will you travel to? Start thinking about what makes you happy and fulfilled. Imagine your life with those things in it. I guarantee after you complete this exercise, you’ll feel amazing – pumped for life!

  1. Seek Clarity!

When you’re struggling with an idea or problem in your life – go day dream. Look out the window at the clouds or up at the stars at night. Allow your mind to flow through your ideas and solutions, almost like a preview! This can reveal clarity and lead you to great decisions.

  1. What’s your Vision?

You’ll know where you are going! You know that feeling of “I have no idea what I’m doing with my life” or “why am I here?”. If you day dream and you let the inner you come out and live your life, change will happen. Stop hiding behind the circumstance, the situation and the material object in your life. Just start living and living confidently.

So, what’s my day dream you may be thinking… it’s to change the world. Sounds like a huge dream doesn’t it? Mind blowing some might say, but that’s okay it’s my dream and I’m dreaming it. I intend on changing the world with a huge desire to show people that they are able to live a good life, a happy life, a life of their choosing. Everyday I seek opportunities to lead me to this dream and every day I get so much closer.

I’m a day dreamer, who are you?

10 Key Ideas I took away from attending The Mega Speaker workshop with JT Foxx and Reggie Batts.

Opportunities are everywhere, never let your fear decide your future.

Last week myself and good friend Tracey-Lee Rall spent the day with the World’s #1 Wealth Coach, JT Foxx. One of the most inspiring and well-executed coaching and guest speaker workshops aimed at entrepreneur’s. The presenters included Jeff Fallon, Reggie Batts and JT Foxx who all contributed such valuable information and encouraged each of us to take massive action in our journey to success.

Before I continue I want to share my experience with you and encourage you to continuously seek growth in your own lives and careers. Go out there a reap the benefits of your work – but work SMART!

A few days before the workshop I was emailed by the event manager with a do’s and bring with’s for the event. One question she asked was what I wanted to take away from the workshop. My immediate answer was “SO MUCH” but obviously that was not the answer she was looking for…On serious note I wanted to develop my skills as a professional lifestyle coach and to add to my skill set on effective guest speaking. This got me so excited for the upcoming event.

The event opened with the very enthusiastic and positive Jeff Fallon who is one of my personal favourites.  Continued by Reggie Batts Author of “Mindset to Success”, who shared his journey of success with us. JT Foxx then entered the stage and shared the most incredible thoughts, technics and tools in boosting creativity, change of mindset and positive thinking.

When it comes to learning and development I get so excited, because what’s life without learning and progressing. RedThinking started for this very reason, encouraging individuals to be their best, to grow to their full potential and not let anything hold them back from their desired success.

Here are the top 10 things that resonates with our core beliefs.

  • Lean in and participate. Invest in yourself, listen, learn and take action
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You cannot grow in your comfort zone get out there and start making the changes you need to in order to progress.
  • Work on who you want to be instead of focusing on who you aren’t. Make a list of the things you can start doing to create the change you are looking for.
  • Every one of you have something unique to offer. Make a list of your strengths and passions, create a life motto to up hold.
  • Build relationships with positive individuals. Rid your life of toxic negative people who are holding you back from your true self. The more time you spend with happy successful people the happier and more successful you’ll be!
  • Effective communication eliminates confrontation. By correctly expressing your feelings and thoughts you can overcome confrontation and get the results you were looking for.
  • Give without reward. Give 10 times more than the next person, you will find awesome self-confidence as well as making a positive change in someone else’s life.
  • Believe in yourself!!!!!! Empower and elevate yourself, positive self-talk has the most incredible effect on your success.
  • Say yes to opportunities. Once you start saying yes more often amazing opportunities will start popping up all around you.
  • The easiest thing in life you can do is give up on yourself, the hardest thing is to do is knowing that taking a risk on yourself is a sure thing!

I would like to congratulate each of you who are ready to say YES to taking the opportunity in believing in yourself! RedThinking offers our commitment, passion and expertise, empowering your growth and inspiring your future.