By Roxanne Bouwer Shakespeare said ‘To be or not to be’, but the real question is if you ‘Are’ then will you ‘Be’ you? Being yourself is the single most rewarding gift you can give to yourself. It enables you to find inner happiness, self-acceptance and peace of mind. When you are true to yourself you rid your mind of limiting believes. It’s easy to let life experiences and external influences derail you from who

April 2, 2018

Life Hacks!

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By Roxanne Bouwer Are you looking for a change or boost in your lifestyle but feeling overwhelmed with taking on new routines? Fear of the unknown can cloud your judgment and more than often you become your own worst enemy! Without change you won’t grow, staying in your comfort zone gives you the illusion of safety however you are allowing yourself to sink deeper and deeper away from your opportunities. Take charge of your life,
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