March 2020

Who are you raising your teenagers to be?


Looking back to how your parents prepared you for adult life. What are the things you’d want to do better or different, for your teenagers? Think about that for a minute…mmm. Now, each teenager is unique and special, some of the time fearless and keen on adventuring through life. Others may bury themselves [...]

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February 2020

Happiness! How do I get it?


To receive or give of something fully as a human being, one needs to understand what we are really giving or receiving. We need to break it down and unpack all the parts of it, to truly understand the essence of the “thing” we are giving or receiving. Happiness is something everyone desires, [...]

Happiness! How do I get it?2020-02-25T08:23:50+00:00

January 2020

How to raise happy teenagers


Being a parent is one of the most rewarding ‘jobs’ of all but it also comes with the most worries and concern for your children. From the day you bring them home to the day they leave the nest you are caring from them, teaching how to do things and equipping them for [...]

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I’m Roxanne Bouwer, a Confidence and Self-identity Enhance – Life Coach, I help women live with more confidence and improved self-awareness by eliminating their fears and insecurities as well as using their life experiences as a source of strength and motivation.