April 2020

Depression and suicide in our Teens


Depression and suicide in our teenagers is a very real and increasing issue now days. Children are experiencing more stressful life situations than what they are used to and what they are actually equipped to deal with. Social media is a massive contributing factor to this issue, more than what parents realise. Teen [...]

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Disrespectful Teenagers 5 Effective Tips to END the attitude today!


Does it feel like your teenagers are being increasingly disrespectful and need a little attitude adjustment? You’re having some morning quiet time and in walks your teenager. You can feel their arrival because the energy in the air completely shifts. You can almost cut the tension with a knife. One of two things [...]

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March 2020

How Mothers can simplify their lives with 6 top tricks


The majority of women rush through life, we teach our daughters to rush through life as well without even knowing we doing so. Children watch their mothers from the moment they’re born. They watch how you clean the house and how often, they watch the way you put on make-up and do your [...]

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How to Stress Better


Life is amazing most of the time, but then something happens that throws you off track and everything comes crumbling down – and fast. How are you managing through these situations? Do you stress out and worry until you come to a suitable solution? Panic and anxiety attacks are your new best friends? [...]

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I’m Roxanne Bouwer, a Confidence and Self-identity Enhance – Life Coach, I help women live with more confidence and improved self-awareness by eliminating their fears and insecurities as well as using their life experiences as a source of strength and motivation.