Follow Your Instincts & Be Yourself!

By Roxanne Bouwer

Shakespeare said ‘To be or not to be’, but the real question is if you ‘Are’ then will you ‘Be’ you? Being yourself is the single most rewarding gift you can give to yourself. It enables you to find inner happiness, self-acceptance and peace of mind. When you are true to yourself you rid your mind of limiting believes.

It’s easy to let life experiences and external influences derail you from who you are. Do you find yourself reacting to people differently in the supermarket or when standing in a queue waiting for your morning coffee?

Being true to yourself can set you free from all of this. Now is the time to live. Start by recognizing your triggers. As you go through your day make a running list of the occasions that trigger you. Take 20 minutes per week to reflect on your list challenging one trigger at a time.

Your body and mind are linked giving you insight into each situation you are faced with, take your time to listen to your instincts before making decisions. Try these tips and enjoy the difference it makes.

  1. Recognise your triggers – Start a ‘think & feel’ journal listing the uncomfortable moments you experience. Reflect on your list and identify the ‘patterns’ listing the top three.

  2. Shut down your fears – Take each ‘pattern’ and break the problem down into smaller parts. This helps you to identify exactly which fear is holding you back.

  3. Up your game – Think of five realistic goals to practice, challenging the fears that are triggering you.

  4. Look at how far you’ve come! You know your triggers. You Know Why. And you know how you are going to change them!

  5. Acting on our triggers – stay focused and when that opportunity arises to implement your goals, pause and reflect listening to your instincts before you act.

I’d enjoy hearing from you to see how you are progressing. By following these tips, you will transform your life.

Life Hacks!

By Roxanne Bouwer

Are you looking for a change or boost in your lifestyle but feeling overwhelmed with taking on new routines? Fear of the unknown can cloud your judgment and more than often you become your own worst enemy! Without change you won’t grow, staying in your comfort zone gives you the illusion of safety however you are allowing yourself to sink deeper and deeper away from your opportunities.

Take charge of your life, take advantage of your opportunities, work hard and be your best! Follow these tips to get the upper hand.

Let’s get personal:

  • Express your feelings – Don’t bottle them up, let them out, you’ll start running out of places to store your bottles.

  • Give gratitude – Take 20 minutes a day to express what you are grateful for.

  • Say no to technology – Turn off your phone when you get home and spend time with your family/friends.

Jazz up your Routine:

  • Set daily goals – Take 5 minutes to jot down your goals for the day while you are enjoying your morning tea or coffee.

  • Prioritize your life – if you know what is important you also know what isn’t important, don’t waste time on the unnecessary activities.

  • Get your stretch on – take a deep breath and reach for your toes (slowly) hang there for 5 minutes feeling all your muscles relax. Slowly come back up into the standing position exhaling.

Boost your Career:

  • Dress for Success – wear your power outfit, you’ll be oozing self-confidence and professionalism.

  • Chi-Ching – Try and save 5% of your salary each month. Before you know it, you’ll be jet-setting to your favorite destination or buying that brand-new sports car you’ve been eyeballing.

  • Be Organized – working in a clean and enriched environment assists with focus and concentration.

Go out there and live towards your dreams, don’t underestimate yourself!