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The importance of self-improvement

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The importance of self-improvement2020-02-12T07:43:29+00:00

It’s so important to day dream

I believe day dreaming is a vital step forwards living confidently and happy. There are so many reasons to be energized in this life. We are currently missing out on so much of us! To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep [...]

It’s so important to day dream2020-02-12T07:37:05+00:00

Do you have bad habits? Are they affecting your life?

Recognizing “bad habits”... Everyone does something that could be considered a bad habit. From poor communication to the way you eat, we all do things that may be viewed as uncommon or unusual. But what happens when your bad habits start to become more than just that? How do you know if what you're dealing [...]

Do you have bad habits? Are they affecting your life?2019-10-08T11:26:41+00:00


I’m Roxanne Bouwer, a Confidence and Self-identity Enhance – Life Coach, I help women live with more confidence and improved self-awareness by eliminating their fears and insecurities as well as using their life experiences as a source of strength and motivation.