Roxanne Bouwer, The RedThinking Life Coach & Counselor


Many people shrug off the idea of having a life coach without realizing what they can really do for you.

Not all problems require a psychiatrist or therapist, most of the time with the expert guidance and support a life coach and counselor offers, you are able to improve on any situation or personal struggle.

Roxanne Bouwer is a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Life Coach and Counselor, who has made it her mission in life to empower, motivate and support adults, parents and teens to identify what makes them happy and how to design the life of their choosing.

Converting fears into strengths, teaching evidence of confidence, offering emphatic understanding and a non-judgmental listening ear.

The RedThinking Life Coach and Counselor, teaches people (of all ages) how to effectively problem solve through any life changing situation or hardship. From enhancing adult relationships with loved ones and professional connections to assisting teenagers to navigate through their turbulent years. We teach practical lasting methods, implementing positive routines and enable individuals to live with confidence.

Listening to their concerns and hardships of life, being a supportive confidant and offering alternative solutions to suit their needs. Helping them chose the life they desire.

3 Practical steps we use to provide our clients with, to achieve their desired results:

Identify: The first step explores your personal traits, struggles and life circumstances. By identifying your difficulties and the reasons why you have them, you’ll become aware of how these impact your life, actions and decisions. Together with Roxanne, she’ll teach you how to use this knowledge for your benefit.

Reinforcing: The next area of focus looks at rebuilding a positive structured lifestyle, a reinforced self-belief system and the implementation of effective communication & problem solving. Roxanne teaches you how to identify your goals and guides you on how to set practical objectives to achieve those goals.

Maintaining: The final step, but the most important, is where Roxanne shows you how to maintain your newly learnt skills which empowers you to take pro-active knowledgeable steps towards a happy and positive mind frame to move forward into your new life.

Roxanne’s focus is to enhance adult lives, empower parents & guide teens.

“Life is your creation, stop the rat race and start designing your own life”

Specialized services we offer:

  • Enhancing adult life

  • Parent support

  • Tweens & teen guidance

  • Family growth

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